Artist: James Culleton, Michael Koch-Schulte and Chris Pancoe
Location:  YMCA 

Aviary is a place of discovery and reflection. We catch a glimpse of painted wooden birds perched throughout the winter landscape, and find ourselves immersed in an interactive soundscape. The design team is interested in bringing art outdoors and making it available and accessible to all. Winnipeg-based artists, James Culleton, Chris Pancoe, and Michael Koch-Schulte, were born and raised in Manitoba. They believe that public art can impact the quality of life for all the residents in our communities

Aviary encourages us to stop for a moment within the cityscape to consider nature and our connection to it. What pockets of the city have we not yet fully discovered, and what do these spaces have to offer us? How can time spent with nature benefit our minds and contribute to our personal wellness? Our movements in the garden affect the interactive aural composition create by Koch-Schulte, which utilizes the technology so that we, the audience become a part of the artwork and environment. The artists contemplate North America's declining bird population and believe that society has the ability to adapt to the needs of birds. As we take moments to reflect during our day, we may realize our connections to our community and nature, and consider the adverse changes that occur when our ecosystems are threatened, and our responsibility to react.