Reid's collaborative sculptural installation Axis Bridge expands along the Pacific Avenue greenspace to meet The Interval, colourful installations which invoke two sections of a bridge. Axis Bridge and The Interval are an artistic response to the ever-changing landscape, neighbourhoods, flow of traffic and pedestrians in downtown Brandon. Situated beside Westman Immigrant Services (WIS), located at the former Canadian Pacific Railway Station, WIS welcomes and assists recent immigrants to Canada, serving as a friendly reminder of "home" to European immigrants. Reid's Winter Garden gives a nod to this historical tradition while creating a contemporary garden filled with lacy cutouts. Colourful organic shapes painted with community provide a canvas to express identity, culture, and creativity in the winter landscape. The twisting garden shapes contrast with the rigorous symmetry of the Beaux-Arts style rail station. Stone, brick, marble, and oak stand as a monument next to the temporary garden structure which turns commercial plywood into curving shapes. Transforming the sidewalk's bike rack, the plant-like shapes grow to form the sides of a shelter. Painted designs meld together to become abstracted forms that echo the colourful graffiti found on trains, which move along in the background of the Winter Garden. Brandon's 8th street bridge, now demolished, influences the skeleton of Reid's installation, which pays homage to the historical bridge landmark and surrounding neighbourhoods. The garden began through conversations, and informal gatherings of artists and community members. 

Chris Reid is a resident of Brandon, and has exhibited locally and internationally. Reid's surreal landscapes explores heritage, culture and domestic environments. Reid works at 7th Street Health Access Centre in Housing and teaches at the Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba. Axis Bridge and The Interval were created in collaboration between artists, fabricators, Winter Garden Committee, and community members. Thank you to Duane Claridge of Lasting Images, Kevin Bertram, Tony Reid, Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba students, 7th Street Access Clients and Brandon University students. 

Artist: Chris Ried
Location: Westman Immigrant Services & Pacific Ave Greenspace