Coloreando a Brandon will see colourful globes and shapes suspended above the snowy landscape. A rainbow of honeycomb sculptures, inspired by festive paper decorations rooted in the Latino community, bring a fun and inviting atmosphere to the winter landscape. This celebratory art installation is a collaborative creation between artist and community members. The colourful objets bring a touch of nostalgia to the Latino community and create a space of interaction between the Latino immigrant community and all of Brandon. The Winter Garden provides a platform for cultural expression on the landscape and celebrates proud Latino culture, encouraging all community members and cultures to celebrate who they are and feel proud of what they have accomplished. The shape and structure of the sculptures, based on the design of a honeycomb, is an example of how many laters can come together to create a beautiful shape, just as a city full with many cultures and diversity also creates rich and strong community. 

Artist: Albyn Carias
Location: City Hall